At the heart of SUBLIMAGE radiates the ultimate revitalizing power of Vanilla Planifolia. To create a skincare product with ultimate revitalising power, it is necessary to craft the active ingredient in its purest state, its very quintessence. This is the philosophy behind SUBLIMAGE, faithful to the art of skincare by CHANEL.

The inspiration

It all began on the island of Madagascar, one of the richest biodiversity reserves in the world. On this preserved land, CHANEL scientists intuitively knew that they could find the key to a unique anti-aging skincare product. They investigated the nature and observed the vegetation. They listened to the inhabitants and discovered a legendary plant, known for its extraordinary revitalizing properties: Vanilla Planifolia, vanilla from Madagascar. Created by nature and crafted by CHANEL, it is now at the heart of SUBLIMAGE.

An anti-aging treasure

Amongst 117 varieties of vanilla from all over the world, Vanilla Planifolia was selected for its exceptional concentration of active anti-aging molecules. It is grown in the region of Ambanja, using an unprecedented cultivation method that recreates the natural shade of the forest in perfect temperature and humidity conditions.

For the fruits: pollination is done entirely by hand, calyx by calyx.
For the flowers: they are carefully gathered by hand.

The harvest takes place in harmony with the seasons.

It takes 60,000 green fruits and 14,000 fresh flowers to produce 1 kg of Enriched Planifolia, the natural active ingredient of SUBLIMAGE.


Using the expertise of CHANEL Research, all of the revitalizing power of Vanilla Planifolia is concentrated in the original molecular combined blend of two polyfractioned active ingredients. One extracted from the fruit and the other from the flower.

The raw fruit and flower extracts are first refined and purified separately, using a "scientific crafting" process exclusive to CHANEL: polyfractioning.

Then, a series of over 20 operations are required to create the recombined active quintessence of the fruit and flower. This ensures the exceptional power of Planifolia PFA, the enriched active ingredient of SUBLIMAGE that acts on all signs of aging.

The Éphémères of Planifolia

There is a key moment in the life cycle of Vanilla Planifolia when the fruits of the plant become concentrated with powerful active ingredients.


Vanilla Planifolia reveals infinite revitalizing powers at the heart of each SUBLIMAGE creation.
The skin continuously reveals its beauty.


-20% Dark circles immediately reduced*


x 2.7** Luminosity


12 actions of REVITALISATION

*Clinical evaluation on 20 women
*Self-assessment by 31 women after 1 month of use.


Discover the video of the new application technique developed by CHANEL to boost the benefits of the SUBLIMAGE ritual.