Formulated like an anti-aging skin care product, LE LIFT La Crème Main preserves youthful-looking hands.
Its formula combines the power of botanical alfalfa concentrate, moisturizing and gentle on the skin, with the brightening effect of natural licorice extract. Intensely nourished, hands are perfectly protected. The skin appears smoother, firmer and more even.
LE LIFT La Crème Main offers an unprecedented sensorial experience. The nourishing texture envelops skin, leaving hands feeling velvety-soft for long-lasting comfort. Non-sticky and quick-absorbing, it is extremely gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Its subtle and refined fragrance is infused with springtime freshness. Zesty and vegetal notes delicately perfume the skin and offer a sensation of vivifying and revitalizing nature. Black, shiny and pebble-shaped, the innovative design of the hand cream pack makes it a smart handbag accessory.

The formula of LE LIFT La Crème Main is composed of 90% naturally-derived ingredients. At the heart of this formula:
- Botanical alfalfa concentrate is extracted from a thousand-year-old plant known for its unique remineralizing and nutritional properties. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it is grown organically in France for optimal quality. Wrinkles appear smoothed and skin quality is visibly enhanced.
- Licorice extract is a powerful ally to maintain the even quality of the complexion with its brightening effect.
- Mimosa, jojoba and sunflower waxes intensely nourish the skin for perfectly restored hands.

Upon application of LE LIFT La Crème Main, the skin appears visibly lifted.
Hands are smoothed (+30%)**, replumped (+22%)**, intensely nourished and moisturized for up to 8 HRS*. Dark spots are reduced (-12%)*** and skin is even (+19%)**.

* Instrumental evaluation of 11 women.
** Clinical evaluation of 20 women after 2 months of application.
*** Clinical evaluation of the reduction of dark spot intensity on 21 women after 2 months of use.

Use LE LIFT La Crème Main as desired. For a reinforced firming effect, delicately pinch skin on the back of hands.