Reminiscent of a fine pearl, this unique 2-in-1 soap both removes makeup and impurities, while cleansing skin. Purified and cleansed, the skin is luminous and soft.

• Specially produced for CHANEL, 2-Year pearl extract is derived from Akoya pearls that are carefully matured for an optimal 2-year period. The extract from these rare pearls makes for a brighter complexion with light-reflecting translucency. It also contains a high concentration of glycine, a main component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor, which delivers optimal hydration. Luminous and moisturized, the skin reveals pearl-like radiance day after day.
• Argan oil, which has an exceptional unsaturated fatty acid content, hydrates and softens the skin.

The one-of-a-kind luxurious 2-in-1 soap removes makeup and cleanses the skin in one single, efficient step. Reducing dull, yellow tones, it immediately brightens the complexion and increases luminosity by 23%*. Skin is perfectly cleansed, radiant and beautifully soft.
Adding to its charm is an elegant tray to place the pearl-like soap on when not in use.
*Clinical evaluation on 32 women

With wet hands, cup the soap top and bottom. Use the top hand to make circular movements to create the foam, adding water as needed to create more. Apply morning and evening to damp face and neck, massaging in with gentle circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat the face dry. Avoid the eye area.Follow with LE BLANC Brightening Lotion