Particularly soft and plush cotton pads, presented in a CHANEL box. In perfect harmony with the skin, they deliver all the benefits of cleansers and toners. For the ultimate touch of refinement, each cotton pad is embossed with the double C logo. Box of 100 pads.

LE COTON is produced using natural methods and only pure water. It is composed of three layers woven from the fibers of three precious cottons:
- The outer fillings are made of Egyptian cotton, the most luxurious cotton with supreme comfort.
- The inner filling is composed of lightly entwined elastic fibers made of Texan cotton and Australian cotton, renowned for their softness and plush feel.

In perfect harmony with the skin, LE COTON is lint-free. It delicately and efficiently delivers the benefits of toners and cleansers directly to the skin. With LE COTON, makeup removal becomes more gentle and more effective.

With a cleansing milk or toner: moisten LE COTON with product, then sweep over the skin.
With DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE: moisten LE COTON with product, then sweep over eyelids to remove makeup. Repeat on lashes: hold the moistened cotton pad on the lashes for a few seconds, then glide from roots to tips. Use a second pad for the other eye.