Careful skin cleansing is a daily discipline structured by essential steps. The CHANEL cleansing collection offers skincare with unprecedented sensorial qualities to remove makeup, cleanse and purify skin. Products adapted to all women and all skin types to reveal the original beauty of your skin.

Exfoliating your skin regularly is the key step for a lovely complexion. With LE GOMMAGE, this step becomes both effective and gentle. Concentrated with natural-origin pink jojoba microbeads, its gel-cream texture exfoliates skin, while respecting it, and rinses away easily.

In parallel with the extremely delicate jojoba microbeads, LE GOMMAGE combines two marine extracts:

• violet micro-algae
• marine spring water, renowned for its remineralizing benefits.

LE GOMMAGE unites the action of these ingredients with an addictive gel texture for gentle and effective exfoliation.

LE GOMMAGE frees skin of its dead cells, impurities and all traces of pollution. Skin looks smoother, pores are tightened and skin texture is refined. This is the perfect base for flawless makeup.

Visibility of pores: -26%1
Refined skin texture: +35%2

1 Clinical evaluation on 22 women by a trained evaluator after application.
2 Clinical evaluation on 22 women by a trained evaluator after 4 weeks of use.

Dermatologist tested on all skin types and particularly on sensitive skin and Asian skin.

Use LE GOMMAGE two to three times a week on clean, damp skin. For more intense action, apply to dry skin.

1. Apply to entire face, avoiding the eye area.
2. Make small circular movements, starting from the base of the jaws and working up towards cheeks.
3. Then, exfoliate the T-zone: from the forehead to the area between the brows and the bridge of the nose. (a) Finish by delicately massaging the lip contour and chin. (b)
4. Carefully rinse with hot water to remove all traces of the exfoliator.
5. Gently dry skin with a clean towel.