The hidden powers of light, concentrated in an essence. This skin-perfecting treatment owes its extraordinary qualities to a singular plant from French herbal legacy: anthyllis, which draws its strength from natural light. CHANEL cultivates and reacclimates this wild plant in an open-sky laboratory. A natural ingredient, a true radiance carrier, is extracted from it to reveal a perfectly even complexion. The skincare formula is also enriched with the antioxidant properties of intense Vanilla Planifolia water to hydrate and protect the skin by helping it withstand urban stress.

. Anthyllis extract (“soft flower” in Greek) comes from a wild Alpine plant capable of thriving in a hostile environment, as long as it is bathed in light. This plant was reacclimated by CHANEL in an open-sky laboratory in the French Southern Alps.
. Intense Vanilla Planifolia water is extracted from the green fruit of the iconic plant of SUBLIMAGE. By moisturizing the skin, it acts like a natural shield against aging and the environment.

Lightweight and melt-away, the texture of SUBLIMAGE L’Essence Lumière immediately delivers a delicate sensation of freshness to the skin.
Day after day, it helps to visibly even out the complexion, refine the skin texture and progressively reduce the appearance of dark spots. At the same time, it ensures sublime light reflection on the skin surface. Skin looks more even and pure, the complexion reveals its original radiance.

. Apply SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Lumière to cheeks, forehead and neck.
. Use both hands to smooth from the center of face outward.
. On the left side of face, use both hands to alternately smooth outward from the following areas (x 2): middle of forehead to temple, nose to ear, corner of lips to angle of jaw and tip of chin to ear. Then, work down to collarbone.
. Repeat these steps on the right side of the face.