Enriched with polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia and vanilla enfleurage oil, SUBLIMAGE Le Baume concentrates all the revitalizing benefit of SUBLIMAGE skincare in a comforting formula. Denser and silkier than a cream, yet more sensuous than a classic body balm, SUBLIMAGE Le Baume revitalizes skin that is in need of gentle comfort. Nourished, soothed, and visibly smoother, even the driest skin looks and feels transformed, its softness and radiance restored.

-Polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia delivers its revitalizing properties. It is obtained through a process that is specific to CHANEL, resulting in an ingredient that is 40 times more concentrated in molecules than the original extract.
-Ephemeres of Vanilla Planifolia
-Vanilla Planifolia enfleurage oil provides softness and comfort.

SUBLIMAGE Le Baume has a lightweight, buttery texture that melts delicately into the skin and transforms into a satiny, nourishing film. It delivers a delightful sensation of comfort upon application. Nourished and revitalized, skin looks smoother and more luminous with each passing day.

Apply SUBLIMAGE Le Baume:

-In the morning, to nourish skin and help to protect it from external aggressors.
-In the evening, on perfectly clean, makeup-free skin, to comfort and to revitalize it while you sleep.

Using the included spatula, dab a small amount of SUBLIMAGE Le Baume onto each cheek, as well as the forehead, neck and décolleté.
With both hands, smooth over the face from the center outwards.
For the neck, follow your jawline. Finally, for the décolleté, gently smooth downwards from the chin to the collarbones.
Next, perform the following revitalizing application technique, which was specifically developed by CHANEL to ensure that your skin receives maximum benefits from the cream: make two fists and, using your knuckles, massage each area of your face in a circular motion.

For even more comfort and softness, warm up the balm in your hands and, breathing deeply, gently press it onto:
- the forehead and cheeks
- the temples and cheekbones
- the chin
- the jawline.