Limited edition. Enhanced with a golden image of Vanilla Planifolia, this unique, elegant gift set contains the essential steps of the iconic CHANEL skincare ritual. SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Fondamentale and SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême: two luxurious expert skincare products for revived, deeply firmed and radiant skin. An exceptional treat for the skin in a gift set.

SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Fondamentale:

It unites the regenerating power of Vanilla Planifolia and the redensifying action of Solidago extract, capable of reactivating skin's cellular dynamic**. The surface of the skin is tightened. The jawline and facial contours look redefined. Skin is visibly firmer, more toned and revitalised.

**In vitro test.

SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême:

Incredibly sensorial, its texture unleashes the powers of the active jewel of SUBLIMAGE, Vanilla Planifolia PFA*, capable of targeting the main areas that make up beautiful skin: hydration, rejuvenation and radiance.

*PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. CHANEL uses a specific process, Polyfractioning, to create pure, rare and precious ingredients. It takes 105 kg of green fruit to produce 1 kg of Planifolia PFA.

SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Fondamentale:

• Skin density: +30%*
• Skin firmness: +30%*
• Smoothed skin: +23%*

SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême:

• Skin radiance: +52%*
• Skin firmness: +36%*
• Immediate hydration: +109%**

*Clinical evaluation on 31 women after 4 weeks of use.
**Instrumental evaluation 30 minutes after application.

Morning and evening, after removing makeup and cleansing, begin by applying SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Fondamentale, followed by SUBLIMAGE La Crème.

For L'Essence Fondamentale, CHANEL has developed a unique application technique that stimulates all the anchor points of the face and scalp:

1. Before application: place the fingers at the hairline and press upwards to the top of the head (x4).
Then repeat on the sides of the head, starting from the back of the temples toward the top of the
Finally, repeat this movement from the back of the ears to the back of the head.
2. The application: apply SUBLIMAGE L'Essence Fondamentale to cheeks, forehead and neck.
With two hands, smooth over the face, from the centre outward.
3. After application: with fingers together, apply gradual pressure for a few seconds on the five points indicated: on the top of the forehead and at the temples toward the top of the head, in front of and behind the ears toward the back of the head.

Apply the rich and enveloping La Crème Texture Suprême as follows:

- Apply SUBLIMAGE La Crème with the spatula. Dab a small amount onto each cheek, the forehead, neck and décolleté.
- Smooth over the face, from the centre outwards. Then, glide under the jawline, from chin to ears. Finally, for the décolleté, gently smooth outwards from chin to clavicles.
- To optimise the benefits of your cream, massage it into the skin with the revitalising application techniques developed specially by CHANEL. Massage in circular movements with knuckles and fists over the key areas of the face.


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