Spray? Bottle? Forget it! Open the compact in the CHANCE EAU TENDRE colours and reinvent the way you apply perfume! Unique and addictive, the first CHANEL fragrance cushion* brings a new way to wear chance. Use the incredibly sensorial and surprisingly soft applicator to glide the gel texture over your skin. Let the mirror guide your hand to where you secretly wish to be perfumed. Keep it with you wherever you go, to use as often as you desire. Limited edition.
*Delicate Fragrance Touch Up

Nothing is written. Dare, create... and make your own chance happen!
It is unpredictable and appears when you least expect it, but if you decide to seize it, anything is possible.

A floral-fruity fragrance that intertwines the green and fruity grapefruit-quince accord with the softness of jasmine and the smoothness of white musk notes. A tender and delicate fragrance with a poetic trail.

Press the sponge against the flexible mesh to take up just the right amount of fragrance, and glide the incredibly sensorial applicator over the skin, in the dip of the décolleté, behind the ears, on the inside of the wrists... it is up to you! Close your eyes and marvel at the softness and precision of the perfuming ritual.

Our advice: touch up your fragrance as often as you like throughout the day for even more opportunities to tempt your chance.