N°5 FRAGMENTS D’OR is a scented body gel that exudes all the freshness andsoftness of the notes of N°5. Gold particles and glitter suspended in thebottle delight the senses for a sophisticated interlude that leaves the skindelicately scented. A unique gift idea for the most timeless of classics.

In 1921,Gabrielle Chanel asked Ernest Beaux to create "a woman's perfume with thescent of a woman", intense and original. The nose presented her with avisionary composition that made unprecedented use of aldehydes. Mademoisellechose the fifth sample of the fragrance, and decided to name it simply N°5.

Inspired by the silkyharmony of rose and jasmine that composes N°5, FRAGMENTS D'OR was formulated asa voluptuous way to enjoy the floral bouquet of N°5.

The notes of N°5 areexpressed at the heart of a new way of perfuming. N°5 FRAGMENTS D’OR is appliedin touches on the décolleté and the forearms