See your skin in a healthy and pure new light.
CHANEL reveals the true source of luminosity: health. LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator acts on three major aspects of skin health to revitalize the skin, regulate melanin production and restore essential skin lipids. Formulated with precious ume flower extract, exclusive TXC™ technology and fine pearl protein, the serum works holistically with the skin to bring it to its highest potential. Skin's natural tone and texture are boosted, leaving it glowing with a healthy pure light. Skin is even, translucent, radiant and smooth.

Formulated with precious ume flower extract, exclusive TXC™ technology and fine pearl protein, LE BLANC Sérum reveals a luminosity that radiates perfect health from within.

REVITALIZE - Ume flower extract
To be at optimal health, skin cells need to be at their most vital. CHANEL has developed the extract of ume flower, a precious natural ingredient that increases skin's cellular vitality. It boosts a specific skin protein programmed to slough off and repair damaged skin cells, promoting the growth of only healthy ones.
With full vitality restored, every skin cell functions at its best, becoming more resilient against both internal and external stressors.

REGULATE - TXC™ and ume flower extract
Regulating the production of melanin is the second core action of LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator. On a constant quest for perfection, CHANEL introduces an exceptional new ingredient, ume flower extract, which works to complement the CHANEL TXC™ molecule, for even more powerful whitening. The TXC™ molecule is a powerful poly-active ingredient that acts on every skin cell layer, targeting seven essential factors of hyperpigmentation. CHANEL Research identified ume flower extract as the best inhibitor of a protein called motalin, a new biological target at the heart of the hyperpigmentation process. These two cutting-edge active ingredients act together in powerful harmony to correct existing dark spots and prevent new ones from forming.

RESTORE - Fine pearl protein and natural nourishing oil
For skin to radiate its best health and beauty, it needs to be thoroughly nourished, with its essential lipids restored. Enriched with natural nourishing oil and fine pearl protein, LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator strengthens the skin barrier, and ensures deep long-term hydration.

Skin is healthy and beautiful. Flawless, even, translucent and bright, it is hydrated, plump and smooth. Fine line are reduced. Now able to perfectly reflect light, the skin is exceptionally radiant.

Healthy pure light:
1. Revitalize:
- Radiance: +24%*
- Smoothness
- Tonicity
2. Regulate:
- Dark spots: -36%**
- Luminosity
- Translucency
3. Restore:
- Hydration: +24%*
- Plumpness
- Comfort

After 1 month, the complexion is more even and translucent. Skin is smooth and radiant.
After 2 months, its healthy pure light bursts from within.

CHANEL conducted a dermatological test on 39 women over 6 months to prove the effects of LE BLANC Sérum in combination with laser treatments to delay the reappearance of darks spots.
LE BLANC Sérum is the perfect ally of laser treatments to correct and prevent hyperpigmentation. It maintains the effects of laser on dark spots over time: after 6 months, thanks to LE BLANC Sérum, the intensity of dark spots continues to fade.

*Clinical evaluation, after 8 weeks of use (n=20)
**Clinical evaluation of facial dark spots, after 8 weeks of use (n=31)
*** Clinical test under dermatological control.

Apply two droplets of LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator morning and evening to the entire face, eye contour and neck, after the lotion and before your moisturizing cream.
For enhanced results, follow with the exclusive CHANEL LE BLANC massage, a gentle and holistic ritual inspired by facial reflexology that stimulates specific areas on the face to affect corresponding parts of the body, making skin glow with a healthy pure light.