J12 vs. The Elements

The J12 stands the test of time on your wrist. Its ceramic overcomes every obstacle when faced with the most rigorous tests simulated in extreme conditions: millions of abrasive grains, thousands of shocks, dozens of hours spent in the UV rays of the sun. A watch with timeless allure and durability.

Actress and House Ambassador Tilda Swinton recounts the exceptional resistance of J12 ceramic, challenged by the elements.

The J12 ceramic is designed to resist UV rays without changing colour.

The J12 ceramic is rigorously tested to ensure it can bear everyday shocks.

The J12 ceramic resists aggression from the most abrasive materials.

The CHANEL Watch Manufacture masters the entire production line of its ceramic elements, bringing together the expertise of master watchmakers, the excellence of traditional skills and the precision of advanced technical tools.

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