Haute Horlogerie Movements


Within the CHANEL Watch Manufacture, a department is dedicated exclusively to the development and assembly of Haute Horlogerie movements. True technical feats in service of boundless creativity.

Haute Horlogerie movements

The Calibre 5, the House’s fifth Haute Horlogerie movement, is among those produced by this department. The result of a collaboration between the Creation Studio and the CHANEL Watch Manufacture, it is the first Flying Tourbillon with a rotating solitaire diamond, a complex challenge requiring extensive watchmaking expertise.

Directed by Arnaud Chastaingt, the Watch Studio imagines the principle of each new movement. The idea behind the Calibre 5 is a mechanical jewel: A solitaire diamond is placed at the centre of the Flying Tourbillon cage and reveals its 65 facets as it rotates to the rhythm of each second.

A conversation then starts with the watch designers in the movements department, a team devoted to exceptional projects. At the end of this phase, which can last up to 5 years, precise specifications are prepared that finalise the initial idea and define the type of movement, its dimensions and any complications.

A feasibility study is followed by a details study, a process that often takes several years. Each part of a new Calibre movement is sketched and modelled by the engineers, who build a comprehensive 3D map that accounts for the manufacturing and assembly choices made by the design department and validated by the Creation Studio. Production of the prototype then begins.

The first operational example of a new movement, the prototype brings the Creation Studio’s vision to life. It also helps verify that the movement meets all the House’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

HAUTE HORLOGERIEManufacture Movement Watches

Developed and assembled entirely by CHANEL, these sophisticated movements are the expression of unparalleled watchmaking savoir-faire.

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